One size fits all? New anthropometric data available

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has recently released new standards on anthropometric measurements, Basic human body measurements for technological design — Part 2: Statistical summaries of body measurements from individual ISO populations, (reference code TR 7250-2).

“[TR 7250-2] contains summary statistics for a number of anthropometric dimensions from various countries around the world. Along with ISO 7250-3 Basic human body measurements for technological design – Part 3: Worldwide and regional design values for use in ISO equipment standards, currently in preparation, TR 7250-2 aims to fundamentally change the way anthropometric data are incorporated into product standards.”

(Source: Human Factors and Ergonomics Society July Bulletin.

Prior to the release of TR 7250-2, anthropometric data tables in these standards have been inconsistent and out of date. TR 7250-2 fixes this, however companies still will not be able to use this data straight away. This is because a) of how the data is presented, and b) because product standards are reviewed relatively slowly, meaning standards may become out of date. That’s where the up-and-coming TR 7250-3 comes in:

“This standard is reviewed on the same schedule as are product standards, so it will be stable for periods of at least 5 years.”

TR 7250-3 will also provide average data split by regions, allowing manufacturers to tailor their designs to specific populations.

TR 7250-2 is available now from

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