EI activities update: Human Factors workshop 16 September & training course 20-22 September

The Energy Institute is hosting the Nuclear Human Factors workshop this week, on 16 September.  This workshop aims to look at the current human factors practices employed in the industry, and discusses the benefits of an intelligent application of human factors methods and knowledge.  Professor Sue Cox will be giving a keynote address on human factors in the nuclear industry.

The EI is also hosting a human factors training course 20-22 September, delivered by Bill Gall (also a member of the EI’s Human and Organisational Factors Committee).  The course is taking place in London and will focus on basic human factors on the first day, and accident and incident investigation on the second and third days.  Accident and incident investigation is an activity that requires a good level of human factors analysis, but is often sorely lacking.  The workshop will provide an overview of available analysis methods and the application of these to identify the underlying management and organisational deficiencies responsible.  Bill will most certainly cover what does and does not constitute a ‘root cause’.  To quote Bill, “When you think you know the cause of an accident, you probably need to ask ‘why’ at least five more times before you get close to the root cause”.   You can book your place for the training by clicking here.

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