ASM webinars – Feb 14 & 17 – Open to all ASM members

The Abnormal Situation Management Consortium (ASM) is a Research and Development Consortium founded by Honeywell, Inc., in partnership with BP, Amoco, Chevron, ExxonMobile, Shell and Texaco.  It aims to address its members’ concerns about the high cost of accidents and incidents:

“by conducting research, testing and evaluating solutions that develop and advance the collective knowledge of the members, and by directing development of tools, best practices, and services that facilitate the conversion of ASM® knowledge into practice.”  Source: ASM website (Mission statement)

ASM has announced an upcoming webinar open to all employees of ASM members. The webinar is titled Effective Procedure Practices: A Review of the ASM Consortium Guidelines and Related Studies. In 2010, the ASM Consortium published the guidelines document Effective Procedural Practices. This guideline document contains recommendations for the development and use of procedure practices based on several years of collaborative research. The webinar will focus on the related research about the content across the guideline categories – procedure development, content and format, deployment, maintenance and training and the recent finding on the nature of procedure execution failures during abnormal situations.

Please visit the ASM Consortium webpage for more information about this webinar.

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