Human factors performance indicators – Research report published

The EI has published a new research report – Human factors performance indicators for the energy and related process industries. The report is available here.

The report was jointly funded by HSE, Lloyds Register and the EI, and explores what performance indicators are and how they are used, and proposes a methodology for selecting human factors performance indicators for each of the HSE top 10 key human factors issues. The report also provides a list of example human factors performance indicators which are already being used by industry or which could potentially be used.

Performance indicators for human factors is a fairly new and contentious topic. It should be noted that the research report is an initial step in exploring this topic, and so should not be regarded as mature guidance. The EI would therefore greatly welcome any feedback that you may have on this publication, especially if you have used it or intend to make use of it in developing performance indicators.

2 Responses to Human factors performance indicators – Research report published

  1. adonis49 says:

    human factors performance indicators have been studied and analyzed for over 40 years; whatever reports are published from now on must be within the realm of “mature guidance”. There are so many redundant reports published just to satisfy a stupid grant from funders who have excess money for tax-break purposes. It is about time to consider the human factors in every field of application that relate to safety, health, depression… and not just economic performances for increasing productivity and reducing cost on safety training and constantly monitoring safety procedures

  2. Whilst the thinking around human factors performance indicators has been evolving, there is a lack of collective experience on the practical application of human factors-specific KPIs in the energy and related industries, as indicated by the workshop, interviews and other feedback in the course of the project, hence we refer to the publication as a ‘research report’ rather than ‘mature’ guidance.

    Regarding your comment about how/why this project was funded, the business case was reviewed and approved by EI’s funding Technical Partners. As well as EI sponsorship, the work was co-sponsored by LR and HSE.

    Finally, I concur that application of this work to other industry sectors and applications is welcome. However, the intent of this work is not to reduce cost on safety training and constantly monitor safety procedures.

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