EI publishes revised Human factors briefing notes

The EI has revised its Human factors briefing notes resource pack and this is now available from the EI website (both for purchase as a hardcopy pack, or freely downloadable as PDFs).

To improve industry’s understanding of key human factors issues, as identified by HSE, the EI’s Human and Organisational Factors Committee (HOFCOM) commissioned the first edition of the Human factors briefing notes resource pack in 2003.  This pack of 16 briefing notes provided succinct guidance on specific human factors issues or topics (from fatigue to task analysis), supporting the HSE human factors key topics.

The 2011 edition briefing notes have been revised, updated, and redesigned, making them easier to read, but also more practical to use.

They have also been expanded to cover 20 topics:

  1. Introduction – introduction to human factors
  2. Alarm handling
  3. Organisational change
  4. Maintenance
  5. Fatigue
  6. Safety critical procedures
  7. Training and competence
  8. Ergonomics
  9. Safety culture
  10. Communications
  11. Task analysis
  12. Human error and non-compliance
  13. Human reliability analysis
  14. Behavioural safety
  15. Incident and accident analysis
  16. Human factors integration
  17. Performance indicatorsnew for 2011
  18. Leadershipnew for 2011
  19. Pressure and stressnew for 2011
  20. Occupational safety vs. process safetynew for 2011

Each briefing note includes:

  • An introduction to a human factors issue.
  • Guidance on what the company or management can do to address that human factors issue.
  • ‘Negative’ and ‘positive’ case studies (illustrating both the consequences of an issue and potential solutions).
  • Suggested performance indicators (PIs) for the HSE ‘key topics’.
  • Further reading lists.

Notably, 15 of the briefing notes include a simple checklist of ‘yes/no’ questions to help you quickly gauge whether your company has a problem with that particular human factors issue.

The briefing notes will be of interest to anyone wanting to gain an overview of human factors or of particular human factors issues they are facing, and to managers who are looking to apply practical solutions to solve these issues.

Buy or download your copies of the briefing notes from www.energyinst.org/hfbriefingnotes, and let us know what you think (either by leaving comments below, or by emailing technical@energyinst.org).

3 Responses to EI publishes revised Human factors briefing notes

  1. john o'meara says:

    I’ve downloaded the lot & they look like great material. I’ll be putting them into a binder & making them available to others in our company.

    It would be a nice touch to have a suitable cover sheet to go on the front of the binder. Something that advertises them.

    • Erica Sciolti says:

      Hi John

      We’ve produced the briefing notes in printed format on really good quality paper stock and they are supplied in a sturdy perspex folder. They are ideal for presentation purposes, handing out at workshops etc. The link above (www.energyinst.org/hfbriefingnotes) takes you through to the order page.

      Best wishes, Erica

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