OGP publishes 2011 safety performance indicators

The Association of Oil and Gas Producers (OGP) has published safety performance indicators for 2011.  Consisting of data collected from OGP members, the report provides statistical analysis on injury and fatality rates by reporting category, activity, country, etc.

25% of fatalities were the result of being caught in, under or between machinery/equipment, whilst 18% of fatalities were the result of being struck by an object.  The three largest areas of activities associated with fatalities were land transport (23%), construction, commission and decommissioning (17%) and maintenance, inspection and testing (17%).  By contrast, the two activities most associated with lost time injuries were drilling, workover and well services (22%) and production operations (16%).

Of note, 80% of fatalities in 2011 are covered by the OGP life-saving rules, and the report suggests that many fatalities may have been avoided with the adoption of the life-saving rule system.

The report also analyses the causal factors associated with many of the fatalities and ‘high-potential’ events (events with the potential to cause fatalities) recorded, identifying a number of management failures, including inadequate supervision, hazard identification and training/competence.

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