Managing the psychosocial risks of expatriation

New OGP report 495 Managing psychosocial risks: a guide for expatriates in the oil and gas industry discusses the psychological risks of expatriation, which can affect individual and business performance.

Motivational factors can affect the success of expatriation.  For example, if expatriation is pursued in order overcome negative issues, such as boredom or unhappiness at home, this may suggest an increased risk of psychosocial issues arising.   The motivations for wanting expatriation should be considered in order to determine the suitability of the employee.

Expatriation can be associated with various psychosocial risks, such as depression, distress, and poor decision-making.  Cross-cultural adjustment can be difficult and can heighten these risks.  However, the organisation can implement intervention strategies to manage these risks, or support employees suffering as a result of expatriation.

The full OGP report is available for free from

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