Barrier based risk management network event

CGE Risk Management’s biennial network event will focus on barrier-based risk management and incident investigation. The event will include a morning plenary session, featuring different speakers and perspectives on the latest developments and challenges in barrier based risk management.

CGE writes:

What is the role of risk management in your organization? Sometimes risk management is only seen as a necessity, or for compliance reasons. Few organisations use it as an integral part of their core business and the operational processes. And very rarely is it part of strategy planning. However, as risk and award mostly go hand in hand, really understanding what you are good at and knowing how to manage this enables your organisation to achieve operational excellence.

So why is risk management not seen as an instrument for strategy execution and achieving operational excellence? The current risk management frameworks do not tell the real story. There is a saying; “all models are false, but some are useful”. We believe certain risk management methods can be used in addition to existing control frameworks, such as the “BowTie”-method. This method is a visual and “barrier based” risk management method, and has been the standard in the Oil & Gas industry for more than 20 years. It shows a clear picture of what is really happening and what to focus on to be ‘in control’ and to achieve your objectives. Click here to read more.

Learn more from your peers

On 22 September 2014, engaging speakers (a.o. from Anglo American and E.On) share their stories and experience on achieving Operational Excellence by using risk management. The set-up of the programme is very interactive and in the afternoon you can participate in three sessions on related topics. These topics all deal with the challenge of the question of how to realize results and make a difference in large organisations.”

Afternoon break-out sessions will further address a number of in-depth topics:

  • Learning from Incidents
  • Cultural and Organisational Aspects
  • Bringing BowTies to the Enterprise with BowTieServer

The break-out sessions will be repeated, enabling you to choose which topics you would like to learn more about.

This event will be of interest to users of Tripod Beta, Bow Tie analysis, and those responsible for risk management and incident investigation.

The EI and the Stichting Tripod Foundation will be in attendance.

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