24th November 2010 – Hearts and Minds introduction workshop

July 19, 2010

Prof. Dianne Parker, who is one of the original developers of the Hearts and Minds toolkit, will be presenting a half-day workshop hosted by the Energy Institute in partnership with the Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (IEHF). The workshop has been organised in partnership with the Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors as part of the IEHF’s Human and Organisational Factors in the Oil, Gas and Chemical Industries Conference (25th – 26th November 2010, Manchester). 

The workshop will focus on the Hearts and Minds toolkit, providing an introduction to the history and theory of Hearts and Minds, when and where it should be used, and how to use the toolkit.  Also included will be participative workshop activities for two of the tools – Understanding your culture and Managing rule-breaking – providing an insight into how the tools should be run and facilitated.  (See www.eimicrosites.org/heartsandminds for more info about Hearts and Minds).

Participants will be able to share knowledge and experiences as well as learn how to effectively implement safety culture change from one of the world’s leading behavioural safety specialists. The workshop will be highly useful to anyone planning on using Hearts and Minds or other cultural development tools and key personnel involved in the coordination and delivery of safety culture improvement programmes.  Participants can expect to gain an excellent introduction to Hearts and Minds, as well as a solid understanding on the best ways to use the tools.

For more details on how to register for this event, visit www.ogc2010.org.